10 April 2011

HOW TO... bring spring indoors

Bring spring indoors with this gorgeous display. It's simple and so quick to put

Step 1.
Have a rummage through your cupboards; you are bound to find small jars, small
glass vases or perhaps tea-light holders.
Choose three young Hyacinth bulbs, small Daffodils will work just as well.

Step 2.
Carefully remove the Hyacinths from their pot and extract soil from around the roots,
wash away any excess soil. Take care not to break the roots.

Step 3.
Place Hyacinth's into 3 separate jars, this needs to be a tight fit. If not, use tooth picks
to stabilise.

Step 4.
Pour just enough water into each jar to cover the roots.
To finish tie a small ribbon around the jar.

So easy!

• Tea-light holders $19.90 each
• Hyacinths (three in one pot) $15.00
• Ribbon $4.95 per metre

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