10 May 2011

HOW TO... brew Tully's Tea

Step 1. 
You will need:
1x small potted Baby Tears
1x china teacup & saucer (or trio)
Small amount of quality potting mix

Step 2. 
Gently remove Baby Tears from its pot, take care not to break the roots

Step 3.
Place into teacup, gently compact soil inside the cup - add more quality potting mix if necessary

Step 4. 
Embellish with ribbon & serve!

• Baby Tears $4.90 each 
• Organic Potting Mix $12.90 
• Ribbon $4.95 per metre

07 May 2011

Mum's the word!

Treat your mum this Mother's Day...

Just a few of the many gift ideas instore at Tully & Gardener.
Blue Earth NZ made hand cream & soaps from $12.90

Bambino orchid in white pot $39.95
Mother's Day cards - $6 each  /  Keith Hammett sweet pea seeds - $6.90 per packet
Mini daffodils - $11.90 each (due to flower just in time for Mother's Day)

Books for mum from $39.90

Muck Boot, slip on garden shoes - $89.90 /  Garden Girl gloves - $39.90
Create your own personalised 'gift box' for mum
Cute little pansies with dark purple flower - $6.00 each

Honour your mum this Mother's Day.